Anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother, but any updates on the rest of the packages??

They are being packed up but they are taking an average of 15min each to pack for every order we have find the shirts in the boxes, fold them, find prints and fold and tape them with a rolled paper to stop creasing, add in the button, miniprint and extra papers, then we have to double check every order in our email, paypal and on our reference sheet to make sure shipping is paid/orders are combined/no changes where made to address or reward. And I’m juggling this with working 6 days a week now. Luckilly IdentityFox is helping now so I’m hoping it wont be much longer before we get the other half of shipments out! Sorry for the wait everyone, next time I’m going to go with kickstarter to make surveys and checking all the orders MUCH easier since that’s what’s taking the most time. OTL