Anonymous asked:

Hey, I know they arnt supposed to arrive till August sometime, but do you have a rough estimate of when t shirt orders are going to be shipped to us? Like first week of August, last week, etc?

No for sure date but they will probably be out late August because the shirts will likely not arrive until late this month or early august and then writing up, checking, filling out customs and packaging this many packages will take quite a while. I hope this helps!

punsbuns asked:

okay so I can't really get a sealant spray like bill nye but i found NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray at CVS do you think that will work?

I’ve never tried it before but I’m sure it would help at least a little, it probably will not have the same sealing power as ben nye (this is made for theatrical use on performers and intended for bodypaint) but I can not say for sure as I’ve not heard anything about this product. I’ve also read that in a tight pinch you can use hairspray but I wouldn’t recommend this unless your other options are shot. If you are in the US this website has ben nye final seal and shipping is p cheap.

Anonymous asked:

Hello friend! I just wanted to say that the stuffs you were selling were awesome at Supercon and I wanted to buy every single thing omg. Next time if you go to a Miami Con I will find you and buy it all! XD If you continue to sell the same stuff, or newer stuff!!

Thank you! This was my first time selling at a Con outside of Canada, I hope to do more american cons next con season! I unfortunately can’t do Miami Con since Florida is a long ways out for me but who knows what our next con line-up will hold?