um i just wanted to record a little reaction dealio for rebecca and damien because i may have actually cried when i was opening the package and this ADORABLE little pink lady tumbled out into my hand

seriously you two are just the sweetest folks and i don’t even know how to begin telling you that

birthdays are weird for me and i often don’t know how to feel about them or instinctively believe they (read: mine) will be bad. i spent my last birthday day entirely by myself and didn’t like it much, and i don’t often receive a lot of gifts (and i feel a little weird about receiving gifts from folks, despite the fact that i absolutely adore making/buying them for others)

so anyway, what i’m saying is, you make me a little more optimistic about this year, and it means a lot that you two would put something like this together for me even though we don’t really know each other super well and anyway you’re just really great, and i was really moved by this. thank you so so much

dfvsdfaksdvfahsdvfhjadfa! I’m so happy you got them all safe! (the tea came all OK too right?)



[ Image descriptions will come later I swear ]

So I guess you could call this a “review” but really it’s just going to be me bragging for a couple of minutes about amazing stuff I got in the mail today

I commissioned a mothbird from the amazingly talented Damien of Identity Productions based on Le Petit Prince, which is a book I have loved, er, since grade 11 French when I studied it because I was an uncultured child and had never heard of it before then

Anyway, it’s one of my favourite books for children and it’s always been a real inspiration to me in a lot of ways, and when I saw Damien’s mothbirds I thought to myself that a little mothbird would be a great candidate to represent this book.

So I contacted Damien and he got back to me super quick and agreed that Le Petit Prince would be a great species of mothbird and disappeared to put together the little beauty you see in the top two pictures. He incorporated every single suggestion I had given to him in the first message (suggestions that were mostly there in case he hadn’t read the book) and made an absolutely beautiful little guy who I’m calling Antoine (after the author of Le Petit Prince) and who is sitting very nicely on a candle on my desk and just being adorable and inspiring and lovely.

In conversations with Rebecca (Damien’s awesome partner!) after they informed me my beautiful little guy was finished I decided I wanted to take home their little Trektea bag as well, who I had, to be honest, been eyeing on their shop for quite a while. They included him in my purchase at a discount and shipped him to me with the mothbird for free (which is really generous, because they weigh pretty similarly so this was definitely a loss to them)

And, MUCH to my surprise, they included a fab keychain for free! I had complimented Rebecca and Damien on their keychains in one the messages because they had just uploaded the supernatural ones to their shop (clicky to see) and ended up chatting with Rebecca a little about Supernatural and favourite characters. I never expected they would send one along for free but I love my little Dean and cannot wait to find a home for him.

Damien and Rebecca were really great about getting back to me so quickly every time I contacted them, and letting me know when the package had shipped and etc. It arrived really quick and had a lovely little doodle on the outside as you can see in that third photo there. The personalization was a really nice touch. <3 

Basically what I’m saying here is that Damien and Rebecca are really amazing people, and you should support them as best you can. Not to mention, the stuff they sell is so geeky and fabulous and amazing that even if they were terrible people I would possibly still tell you to buy things because their stuff is just really, really high quality (and frankly, I think they underprice it for the amount of work that clearly goes into these amazing pieces). 

A thousand thank-yous to Damien and Rebecca for absolutely making my week. This is by far the best purchasing experience I have had on etsy and I’m extremely excited to come back again and support these two fab artists when I have more disposable income again.

(Actually, I found a drenched five dollar bill outside today so once it dries out, I think I’ll use it to get another keychain! :D)

one more time, a link to their shop: identity productions

You’re seriously the best! Damien and I are so flattered and we’d love to do business again and talk more in general. I went ahead and followed your blog since it’s awesome as well! Gah, I don’t know what to say you’re so nice and wonderful! Thank you for the awesome review and pictures (also check your Etsy messages I sent you a little something)!!!

I was just AWWWWing and dksjfgnsldfgbsdfg the entire time I was reading this and it was such a wonderful thing to wake up to! I am just so overjoyed that you are cherishing them and they went to a great home! We can’t thank you enough for commissioning us and being ever so patient and of course for all of your lovely messages and feedback! We do often lose out for shipping (on rare occasion, we’ve payed as much as double the cost we charged) but for us it’s not so much about the money (though it is nice) It’s about doing something we love, getting our grand ideas into the world, creating things that will make people proud to wear it, see it, or have it around at prices that are affordable! Thank you so much for this lovely post, you have been so inspiring!

(via identityfox)